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A Fantasy Adventure Novel


the gang leader known as


Thief, vandal, anarchist, arsonist.


The City Council of Chaskandrah is struggling to combat the infamous Viper Shanathan Gang, but the unrest does not stop visitors from near and far flocking to Kazanchutah's opulent last northern outpost.

Expelled from Kazanchutah's foremost military academy, Tamzin Trezurah is jaded and disillusioned, so the opportunity to be part of the Council's latest scheme against the elusive thieves comes as a welcome distraction. Before long, however, she has attracted the attention of the city's criminals, and her pursuit of the gang rapidly turns into a race for her to stay one step ahead of them.

Tamzin and the Viper book cover

"Spices, rices, silks and jewels, 

All that ship or cart can hold

Pass through our gates and through our lands,

And turn our water into gold."

[from the song of the trading town of Ashmin]

For the people of south Kazanchutah, the beginning of the Rain Winds season is marked by the biggest festival of the year. The streets of Ashmin fill with musicians, dancers and theatre troupes, every inn and dancehall is decked with jungle greenery, and visitors pour in from all over the province to join the celebrations.

Tamzin and Draamian's travels have brought them south, but when they reach Ashmin they find themselves less than welcome. Never easily daunted, both set about exploring the festival and its surroundings, but neither of them has a talent for staying out of trouble - and a seemingly innocuous chain of events leads to a shocking discovery.

A plot is in motion which could destabilise the entire country and, even as they try to piece what they know together, they are swept up in its path.

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